Married at the Church

A church wedding is often the dream of brides and grooms that have grown up attending church. Their plans begin with knowing they will be bonded in matrimony as a religious rite as well as a civil obligation. Many brides have dreamed of the walk down the aisle on the arm of their father. As the day approaches, they begin to also dream of their groom. He is waiting at the altar with his best man. His attention is focused on her as she walks toward him to unite their lives. The church is filled with family and friends that have come to witness this joyful ceremony.

Weddings are one of the very hopeful special events that occur in a church. Two people have decided to join their lives together and build a future. Both of these people, young or old, have made an important commitment. When they choose to have the ceremony performed in the church, they are also joining their lives spiritually.

Most churches do have requirements for couples that want to get married in the church. Some are more complex than others. Each church has these requirements because they want the marriage to succeed. While it is not certain that any marriage will last these days, brides and grooms are willing to go through the various exercises to get married in their church. Once completed, they are then allowed to choose their wedding date and book the church.

Churches have long encouraged people to get married spiritually as well as legally. They work hard to keep the cost of church rental as low as possible. Special decorations are also allowed for weddings. The festive and hopeful atmosphere is one that churches hope couples will continue to feel through good times and difficult times in their marriage.