Inspiring Community Service

There have always been people who simply attend a church because they were raised in it, but their participation ends once the weekly worship service is over. They see it as a moral obligation to attend the service, and they sometimes even skip holiday worship for any number of reasons. These people are seldom part of the core group that serves their community through good deeds, and they are the last people who will be part of any outreach group.

Many churches have found that the lack of community service is harming their congregation, and they have worked hard on inspiring community service. Some of them have found their parishioners are not interested in the types of deeds they do, and others have found their people have little time to spare. Working with congregation members to find out what keeps participation low at these types of events is a good way to help them meet the needs of their members along with the community.

For modern members who have little time to spare, offering them community service that will take only an hour or two of their time is ideal. They might not be able to devote a great deal of time, but a church that gives them an opportunity to participate in a small way will be ahead when it comes to helping its own members. Those who have more money than time can always make a donation, but most churches encourage them to be hands on when it comes to helping.

Flexibility has become an important outlook for churches that want their members to help others, so they must plan to integrate those who want to help in any way possible. Ensuring each member has a chance to be part of a group doing good deeds will enhance their experience while fulfilling the needs of the community.