A House of Worship

A church building is the place where people exercise their faith as a group. For many people, this is their spiritual home. Home is the place where they will take you in no matter what, and this certainly fits the description of nearly any church. A home or church should be welcoming and offer comfort. The décor should make people aware they are safe and cared for when they are in need. Churches have long excelled in making people feel cared for and safe. This is reflected in their simple, yet serene, décor.

Many people do not think of a church as a place where décor matters. They may notice the altar, the pews and the stained glass windows. All of these contribute to the atmosphere of safety. Even churches that cannot afford stained glass windows will use glass decals on their windows as a less expensive alternative. These windows often tell stories of the Bible using glass transfers and make people aware they are not alone in the world.

There are few churches that are closed during the day. The atmosphere of a church is a place where people can attend a service or sit by themselves. Personal reflection in a church is encouraged by the simple décor. It is faith based and meant to give people a feeling of being closer to their God. Each church built works for this serene atmosphere to assist their congregation. Once achieved, it will be a comfort for many souls throughout the years.

The majority of churches use wooden pews for their congregations. While many believe this is to keep them awake and aware during services that is untrue. Wooden pews are the most cost effective way to seat a large group of people. The lack of individual seating also encourages the congregation to share space during worship services.