A church does not just exist as a building. It is a place where a group of people worship and pray together. The congregation is the reason for the existence of the building. It is their faith that gathers them as a group and keeps them active in the community. Many churches believe community activities strengthen faith while helping others. There are few congregations in the world today that simply attend church once a week and nothing else.

Community activities for a church consist of many ways to help their community. Some churches raise funds for helping people in need of housing. Others have food or clothing drives for those less fortunate. Some specialize in ministry services that are often in foreign countries. Each church congregation makes the decision on what services they will provide within their community and beyond. They then plan how they will gather and deliver these services as part of their faith.


Married at the Church

Weddings are one of the very hopeful special events that occur in a church. Two people have decided to join their lives together and build a future.


An Event at the Church

Food drives are often held at churches. The congregation will spread the word that the church is collecting food for those in need. There is generally a Saturday set aside for this purpose.


A House of Worship

There are few churches that are closed during the day. The atmosphere of a church is a place where people can attend a service or sit by themselves.